Data Driven - Create, build and enrich your data

As for any B2B business, your database is one of your most valuable assets.

We have the experience and tools to analyse and better understand your current customers and identify potential new customers through our B2B database.

Our technology platform integrates databases, CRM, email and mobile marketing, tele-marketing and website interaction to capture data and generate the intelligence to enrich your database, continuously monitoring customer perceptions and buying behaviours.

Imagine being able to determine the success of your marketing campaign by more than just “click-throughs” to your website, and actually having the ability to nurture your customers meaningfully, based on their actions until the point of purchase.

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Data Analysis and Segmentation

We have a range of tools and systems to profile and analyse your data, building a clear picture of your customer environment.

Database Management and Enhancement

All campaign data is captured and analysed, building in-depth insights into your customers’ wants and needs.

Data Sourcing

We have access to one of NZ’s largest B2B databases with full firmographic segmentation. If we do not happen to have the data, we will build it.

Our proposition is designed to build and protect the uniqueness and intensity of your existing relationships and takes the next steps to build a pipeline of new relationships.

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